Why Sell To An Investor?

Why Sell To An Investor?
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Video Transcription: Selling your house to an investor has many advantages. No home inspection, purchase as is, close on your timeline, and really the options are endless as we purchase all of our properties with cash and can custom tailor a solution that best fits your needs for your situation.

Hi, I’m Chris Lawrence, the owner of Helping Homes, a local Rochesterian. Here at Helping Homes, we only create win-win solutions. And if for some reason we can’t provide a solution for your situation, we can give you some sound advice and guide you in a direction that would work best for your situation. We take great pride in helping sellers like you, who may be facing foreclosure, have a tax lien, property might be in need of some major repair, loss of a job due to COVID, inherited a property, looking to relocate, little to no equity. Whatever the situation is, we would love to chat to see if we can help. Visit our website and fill out the form on our homepage to see if we’d be a good fit for each other. Once the form is filled out, I’ll review and schedule a time to chat briefly on the phone. Look forward to talking soon.

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Selling a property in today's market can be confusing. Connect with us or submit your info below and we'll help guide you through your options.

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Again, it does not matter how bad your home’s condition is. We require absolutely no fees or commissions. Requesting an offer is obligation-free. Just give us a call at (585) 294-4658.
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