What is my WHY? Find out my real estate WHY!
Video Transcription
Chris & Leah Lawrence- Owners of Helping Homes REI, LLC

Explaining My WHY!| Why I Invest In Real Estate

In this video, I explain my WHY and how we were able to create a win-win solution for a homeowner looking to sell their Rochester house fast! This property was in disrepair, had lots of deferred maintenance, and was filled with their personal belongings (hoarder house).

Here is how we were able to create a win-win solution:

– All cash offer

– No home inspection

– Purchased as-is

– Purchased the house filled with personal belongings (hoarder house)

– Set a closing date that worked for them

We are a family-owned real estate business located in Rochester, N.Y. We purchase homes in any condition and work with sellers to meet their unique selling needs. We purchase with cash and have the ability to close within 30 days. The easy button for selling your home. No repairs, no cleaning, no inspection, no fees, and no hassle.

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Video Transcription

Chris Lawrence: Hi, my name is Chris Lawrence. I’m the owner of Helping Homes. And today we are at a property that we purchased just a short time ago from an individual that needed to sell quickly. They were in a bad situation and this property was actually a hoarder house. We buy houses in Rochester and the surrounding counties. This property is actually in Honeoye Falls-Lima in Monroe County. Like I mentioned, this was a hoarder house, so we provided a great solution for the old owner. They needed to sell quickly, they left all their belongings behind. We had to set the closing date on their terms. So we’re able to provide a win/win solution, something that I love to provide.

The reason I’m shooting the video today in a property that we’re in the middle of rehabbing and we’ll eventually sell to another end user is I got a question a little while ago of, “What is my why? What drives me? Why do I enjoy investing in real estate in Rochester?” So I was like, “Shoot, I want to share this story.” So a few reasons of what drives me and why I invest is, first, I love to help people out in a situation if they need to sell or whatever the case is, if its job transfer, inherited house, they’re in foreclosure, probate, whatever it is, love to provide guidance and provide a win/win solution and really give them genuine advice and whatever solution would be the best case for the particular individual, because every situation is different.

I’d say the second reason is a lot of houses that we buy are either in foreclosure, tax foreclosure, serious disrepair, hoarder house, whatever the case is, usually the houses we buy are in need of serious repairs inside and out. So I get a lot of joy out of fixing up houses, whether we are selling it to an end-user such as a homeowner or whether we are fixing it up for a tenant or resident for a buy and hold rental. So I really get a lot of joy and pride in fixing up houses on the exterior or interior and restoring them to their original beauty.

And then I’d say another reason is usually the houses are, like I said, in tax foreclosure or foreclosure, so they’re not current on their taxes. So I love to be able to buy a property, pay the taxes, get the property back on the tax roll and help out the local communities because I am a local Rochesterian, I am local, so I love to help out the neighborhoods and communities that we work in so I have a lot of pride from that sense. And then I’d say another reason is that I really enjoy investing in real estate in Rochester is because the amount of jobs that we create. So when you think it, this property here, we bought it, we worked with a lawyer. So we created a job from a lawyer perspective to draw up the contract, all of that. So once you buy it, then we buy all of the materials. So we work with local vendors and actual township vendors as well. So usually we’ll buy from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and then hardware stores in the local township, whatever it is. And then we create jobs. I love creating jobs. We create jobs for all of our contractors, our painters, general contractors, HVAC, everyone that we work with, we create jobs for. So it’s such a gratifying feeling to be able to do that.

And then when everything is finished, we then work with a real estate agent, a local real estate agent, to list the property. And then we also work with the lawyer again. So there are so many jobs that we create and I just love to be able to provide solutions, help people out that need it, and really at the end of the day do it the right way and help people out and create all the jobs. I take a lot of pride in that and a lot of gratitude and feel very grateful to have the opportunity to do that.

Hope this helps. I wanted to share what my why was. And I thought it was a great question to share. So hope this helps. Take care.

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