Four Ways To Avoid Foreclosure in Rochester, NY!

Four Ways to Avoid Foreclosure in Rochester, NY
Chris Lawrence:
Hey, Chris Lawrence here from Helping Homes. And today I’m sharing a video as I’m actually heading out to a property to grab the keys, that we purchased through a short sale, and helped a local Rochester homeowner avoid foreclosure. So what I wanted to do today is to share a video of, hey, we helped this one seller with a short sale method. There’s a few other methods available that I wanted to share, more specifically, I wanted to share four ways to avoid foreclosure in Rochester, New York. I just felt compelled to share a video. As mentioned before, we recently helped a Rochester homeowner from going through foreclosure, using one of the methods below. The first way is a loan modification. One way to stay out of foreclosure is to consider doing a loan modification with your bank. This would require making a phone call to your lender or bank to see first, if your situation would make sense for a loan modification.

If it makes sense, the bank, they may require some paperwork and information based around your financial hardship and how long your financial hardship will last for. The second way is a short sale. A short sale, this can be a great way to stay out of foreclosure and get rid of an unwanted property. Essentially, a short sale is when you work with the bank to sell your current property, short of what you owe on the mortgage. This will impact your credit and requires working directly with the bank to fill out all the information. However, this is a better solution than letting it go to foreclosure, as foreclosure would impact your credit and have more of a disadvantage from that standpoint. The third way is the more traditional way, would be listing your house. Listing your home for sale may be an option to avoid foreclosure. You may need to come up with some funds to make any updates or improvements to be able to list, or you could always try to sell as-is.

Whether you use a real estate agent or try selling it on your own, there’s really no way around or a way to avoid doing professional photos and online marketing, just to maximize the exposure in people seeing your listing. Depending on the condition of your property, you may be forced to make some repairs before a lender will approve the buyer’s loan. The fourth and final way would be direct sale to a company like Helping Homes. This is another way to avoid and stay out of foreclosure, would be to sell directly to a home buying company, as mentioned, like Helping Homes. We purchase all our properties in as-is condition, with cash, no home inspection, and can close on your timeline, and have ultimate flexibility.

So with any of these four options that I just spoke about, I’m able to help with any option and would love to chat, to see what option would be best for your situation. And frankly, we understand that we may not be a good fit for everyone, but would love to help in any way possible for you or anyone that you know, who may be facing foreclosure for whatever the reason. Certainly click the link below or fill out the information on my website. And I look forward to speaking with you, thanks.
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