5 Headaches Homeowners Face When Selling Their Houses in Rochester


How can you skip the headaches you will face as a homeowner when trying to sell your house? If you are currently debating whether or not to face the heavy workload of selling your own property, it is important to know that there are better options. Don’t make the mistake of finding this out the heard way.  Sell  your house in Rochester to us here at Helping Homes.

Curb Appeal

Plan on fixing up your place before selling?  Time is money! One of the problems homeowners face is that you may find the time and money you spend trying to improve your home, may not translate into a good investment. You may not get the return you expect.

Unanticipated Repairs

Worse yet, you may be facing daunting bills and additional time on the market while you deal with the schedule of the professionals making repairs. Trusting your important repairs to others, and managing the bills and schedule, will cause additional headaches, and maybe additional repairs.  This could also mean a longer time holding the home, which can be costly. Buyers tend to estimate what repairs and the like will cost on the higher end, leaving you with even less profit when you walk away from the negotiating table. Not to mention all of the inconveniences involved with renovation projects. 

Clearing the Clutter

You’ll also have to keep your home clean and clear of clutter the whole time it takes for the home to sell. You may need to obtain storage space for your personal belongings, which costs money. You may also need to stage the home to compete in today’s market. If you have pets, you need to make arrangements with friends or neighbors to keep them out of the home while showing it to potential buyers. This can be exhausting after several months on the market. Keeping your home “show ready” can be time consuming and expensive. Some families find the burden of showings too great and end up living in a temporary home while waiting for their property to sell. Also, there is no guarantee the home will sell in a timely manner. 

Dealing with Buyers

Keep in mind when selling your home in Rochester you must be extremely careful with what is said to any potential buyers. You should also prepare yourself for people who are seeking bargains, making insultingly low offers remember to try not to take it personally. Often sellers are disappointed to find the buyers they have been tied up with in negotiations aren’t even qualified to purchase the property. Then there are those who are out enjoying their day, just looking at other properties for ideas and wasting your precious time. Listing your own home can truly be a nightmare, not to mention stressful and aggravating. 

Legal Risks

Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. Under most traditional real estate contracts, there is a potential for the buyer to sue you if they feel they didn’t get all of the information, or if they feel the facts were misconstrued. We already know the state of the property and take on that risk.

Repairs, upgrades, the hassle of showings and constantly dealing with the antics that arise when dealing with buyers in general and assuming all of the financial and legal risks real estate transactions can bring all can take their toll. Why not just avoid facing all of the aggravation and headaches from the start and sell your house here in Rochester to us instead?

Helping Homes is here for you! We make it all quick and easy for homeowners selling their houses in Rochester! Just call (585) 294-4658 today or send us a message at any time!

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